2D & 3D Wafer Inspection Systems From Camtek

Camtek Ltd. develops and manufactures automatic optical inspection (AOI) and metrology systems for the inspection of finished semiconductor wafers.

Advanced packages, such as stacked die, 3D package, System-in Package (SIP), Flip-Chip and Fine-Pitch wire bonding are sensitive to defects in the die interconnect areas. Camtek inspection equipment assists wafer fabs, bumping houses providers and packaging foundries address these challenges with advanced systems that deliver outstanding 2D and 3D inspection and metrology capabilities. These systems fit right into the most advanced production environment, and handle bare and frame-mounted wafers up to 300mm in diameter

Systems are available for either 2D or 3D fully automatic wafer-level inspection and analysis or for cut quality defects (Kerf) and wafer surface defects after sawing.

Product range overview:

Camtek Falcon 500 Inspection System
Falcon 500 Series for general wafer inspection inspects wafers before and/or after functional testing for surface, probe mark and bump defects that may impact die integrity or interconnect reliability.
Camtek 500PD Inspection System
Falcon 500PD Series for post-dicing inspection of framed wafers detects 2D surface, probe mark, bump and dicing-related defects. Die alignment technology ensures reliable detection even when cut dice have shifted on the wafer.
Camtek Falcon 600 Inspection System
Falcon 600 Series for special applications handles fully automated optical wafer inspection for complex products such as MEMS and WLP. Camtek’s Falcon 600 is a versatile and flexible inspection platform designed to enable easy customization for a wide variety of non-standard applications. Designed to handle unframed and frame-mounted wafers, Falcon 600 models deliver the superb detection ability, high throughput and ease of operation the Falcon family is known for.
Camtek Falcon 800 Inspection System
Falcon 800 Series for bumped wafer metrology offers fast, precise 2D and 3D inspection of all bumps on a wafer and reports die coplanarity. Falcon 800s inspect solder and gold bumps for height, size, shape and placement deviations, as well as detect die surface defects.
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