Advanced Technology for Research and Industry

Inseto is a leading technical distributor of equipment and related materials to the microelectronic & advanced technology sectors, as well as adhesives for electronics, automotive & industrial manufacturing.

Inseto AdhesivesInseto Adhesives


A comprehensive range of technical adhesives for automotive, electronic and general manufacturing industries.

Inseto Adhesives

Inseto’s Adhesive Division provides technically advanced adhesives and equipment for bonding, sealing & encapsulation, including UV cured acrylates, light activated epoxies, dual heat and light or moisture cured materials, anaerobic curing adhesives, single part silicones, cyanoacrylates, structural polyurethanes and one or two part epoxies.

Inseto EquipmentInseto Equipment


Provides assembly, test & inspection equipment for the microelectronic, photonic and semiconductor industries.

Inseto Equipment

Inseto’s Equipment Division is a leading supplier of assembly, test & inspection equipment including semiconductor furnaces, lithography equipment, probing systems, wafer dicers and scribers, die attach and wire bonding machines, plasma etching and cleaning systems, vacuum solder reflow ovens, wire bond and materials testing equipment in the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions.

Inseto ConsumablesInseto Consumables


For assembly materials and machine consumables used in semiconductor, photonic and hybrid assembly etc.

Inseto Consumables

Inseto’s Consumable Division provides production materials and machine consumable tooling used in the manufacturing of microelectronic and related devices, including wafers, bonding wires-ribbons, stampings, solder preforms, hermetic packages, thin film substrates, thick film & thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes, thermodes, bonding tools, capillaries and dicing blades etc.