Month: September 2021

Oxide coated semiconductor wafers: oxide properties and application methods

28th September 2021

Want to learn more about semiconductor oxide wafer coatings, read our technical article published on LinkedIn HERE.

Thermal Oxide Wafer Processing
Thermal Oxide Wafer Processing

When applied to a wafer, an oxide coating adds a dielectric or passivation layer, needed to give a semiconductor, MEMS or BioMEMS device its desired electrical properties.
In our “Oxide wafer coatings: their properties and application methods” article, we discuss the two most common oxidation processes – Atmospheric Thermal Oxide (ATOx) and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) – and provide examples of applications that benefit from both.
We discuss oxide growth rate, and how it is influenced by temperature, the presence of other chemicals (water/steam in the case of wet ATOx), doping and crystal orientation.
Also, did you know, that during the oxidation process, oxide grows into the wafer as well as onto its surface. For silicon, the ratio is about 46% into the surface and 54% on top of the original surface. In other words, the overall wafer thickness does not increase by the depth of the oxide layer, as some of the Si is consumed during the oxidation process.
Inseto produces and supplies an extensive range of high-quality oxide coated semiconductor wafers used for production and research purposes.

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Adhesives for Battery Pack Production

24th September 2021

Inseto will be showcasing DELO’s range of adhesives at the Battery Tech Expo and Battery Technology Show this October.

Adhesives for Battery Pack Production
Adhesives for Battery Pack Assembly

Andover, United Kingdom – Used extensively in #EV #batterypacks, #adhesives play important roles. Here are just a few examples of what they are used for and the properties the adhesives must possess.

In carriers (pictured), adhesives are used for the bonding of cylindrical cells. Also, retainer bars are bonded onto the cells plus the carrier is bonded to a busbar. The adhesives also provide vibration protection and, hand in hand with that, help reduce noise.

The adhesives must also be flame retardant and bond to flame retardant materials. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) needs to be close to that of the other materials, and curing time needs to be short for volume production scenarios.

Adhesives are also used for weld and pin sealing in #batterymodules and #powerpacks and provide corrosion protection. The power management electronics used in packs also use adhesives; for die-attach and to protect components.

If you’d like to know more, come and talk to us at any of the following shows in October

  • 12th – Battery Tech Expo at Silverstone
  • 19th & 20th – FAST Show (co-locating with EDS) in Coventry (Ricoh Arena)
  • 26th & 27th – Battery Technology Show in Coventry (Ricoh Arena)

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