MPP & KnS Deep Access Clamp Adjustments

Adjusting deep access wire clamps (90 degree feed) on Micro Point Pro & Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) Manual Wire Bonders (IKB-007).

• Adjust deep access (90° feed) clamps with machine switched on.

Manual Wire Bonder - Deep Access Clamp Adjustments: MPP and KnS
45XX Series Manual MPP and K&S Wire Bonder – Deep Access Clamp Adjustments

1. Red Circle Lateral Position Adjustment
This locking nut holds the clamp assembly in place. Loosen using a 1/4” spanner to perform any lateral adjustments to the clamp.

2. Blue Line – Clamp to Tool Alignment
Align the rear fixed clamp (with clamp held open) to the tool hole. Align the rear clamp such that the wire does contact the fixed clamp; this will allow straight, drag free motion in the wire during bonding. The clamp assembly should be perpendicular to the bonding tool.

3. Green Circle – Solenoid to Transducer Distance
Set TAIL dial to 10 to lower the clamp arm to minimum. Adjust the clamp assembly such that the solenoid body is as close as possible to the transducer without touching (approx. 1 – 2 mm). Tighten the locking nut (red circle) to secure the assembly.

4. Blue Circle – Clamp Force Adjustment
Loosen the rear locking nut. Adjust the force setting via the front sprung nut. The compressing spring will increase the closed clamp force. Adjust the force so the wire breaks cleanly without slipping through the closed clamps.

5. Grub Screw – Clamp Gap Adjustment
Loosen the 2 x grub screws on the gap plate on the rear of the solenoid. Push the solenoid rod (with clamps closed) forward until the desired clamp gap is achieved. Tighten the grub screws. Test the solenoid operation using the CLAMP toggle switch on the machine. The clamp gap is typically set to 2 – 3 wire diameters.

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Matt Houston


28 April 2017


IKB007 Rev. 5