DELO's adhesives are used for joining, bonding, sealing, encapsulating, potting, gasketing, mould etc., throughout a wide range of industries

A range of example applications are detailed below:

DELO Adhesive Applications


Electronic Applications

DELO manufacture a range of high purity materials for assembly processes including die attach, glob-top encapsulants, dam / fill materials, flip chip under-fill materials, plus light activated and light cured adhesives for encapsulation, sealing and joining:

  • Die Attach Adhesives
  • Glob Top and Encapsulation

DELO manufacture a range of adhesives with low ionic levels for electronic applications, including light activated and light cured products for encapsulation, sealing and joining and securing of PCB components etc., plus silicone encapsulants:

  • Encapsulation
  • Securing of Components
  • Sealing
Automotive Adhesive Applications

Approximately 25% of DELO's research and development resources is used researching adhesives for the automotive sector. About 15 Kg's of adhesive per car are used in today's automotive construction, resulting in:

  • Reduced production cycle times
  • Improved rigidity in construction
  • Increased impact protection
  • Sound and vibration deadening
  • Reduction in weight
Adhesives for Plastic Applications

DELO produce adhesives that provide high strength bonding and sealing for plastic device processing, offering adhesion to different materials like PET, PVC, PA, ABS, PC, PMMA, PBT etc., features include:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low temperature curing for temperature-sensitive plastics
Adhesives for Glass Applications

DELO produce adhesives that provide high strength bonding and sealing with minimum tension and excellent optical properties, properties include:

  • UV resistant adhesives
  • Highly transparent, colourless
  • Excellent humidity resistance
Adhesives for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Simple and easy processing, durable strength, weight and energy saving as well as aesthetics, have convinced design engineers to use adhesives in this field. The classic product groups for metal processing are one-part epoxy resins and anaerobic curing methacylates and two-part polyurethanes:

  • Metal Bonding & Sealing
  • Replacement for traditional joining methods


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