In the area of plastic processing, adhesion to different plastics like PET, PVC, PA, ABS, PC, PMMA, PBT etc. is key, with many having low surface tension or being manufactured in various quality grades. DELO has developed a wide range of very different products suitable for bonding or sealing of plastics.

In addition, it is possible to bond plastics to materials like metal, ceramic or glass. Depending on the requirements, the individual joints can be designed to be flexible, tension-equalising, rigid, or resistant to high mechanical stress

Application Examples

PBT – Aluminium Keyboard Housing

PBT – Aluminium Keyboard Housing

Due to the CTE mis-match between aluminium and PBT, a flexible adhesive is required to equalise the different expansion rates of these two materials. DELO-PHOTOBOND is a one-part, light-cured adhesive with an elongation > 100% (in this case, as high as 300%), that compensates for the stresses induced when the bonded parts are exposed to temperature extremes. In addition, the fast curing of this adhesive makes it possible to manufacture these parts in high volumes.

DELO Adhesive Application ABS to PBT Bonding

PBT - ABS Automotive Module

Because of the large nature of these parts, a viscous adhesive with very low flowing behaviour is required to fill the gaps between the PBT housing and the ABS cover. DELOMONOPOX are a range of one-part, heat-cured adhesives that meet the most demanding automotive requirements. Light-fixing options are now available for most of the adhesives, allowing exact fixing-in-place before the final heat-cure stage.

DELO Adhesive Application - Sealing Metal Pins in a PA Housing

PA - Metal Pin Relay Housing

Typically in a sealing application like this, an adhesive with excellent flowing behaviour and very good wetting is required. In addition, the adhesive also needs to have high humidity resistance and be able to withstand temperature extremes. For devices that have shadow areas in the bonding zone, a dual curing adhesive with a secondary humidity-curing mechanism can be used.


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