Inseto's Adhesive Division provides technically advanced adhesives for bonding, sealing & encapsulation throughout the UK & Ireland.

Exclusively representing DELO Industrial Adhesives, our adhesive division has the technical expertise to advise on all your project requirements. Inseto's experienced specialists will help with product selection, lab testing, trials, qualifications and application methods.

Products include an extensive range of UV cured or light activated Epoxies, light cured Acrylates, light / heat cured Epoxies, dual curing materials, light / Anaerobic curing Adhesives, 2 part Polyurethanes, 1 & 2 part Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates and single part Silicones.

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DELO Adhesives Overview


UV & Light Cured Adhesives - DELO-PHOTOBOND

High speed, UV curing / light cured acrylic adhesives, one-part solvent free for bonding, sealing and coating. Highly flexible, optically clear, with a wide viscosity range.

UV Cured and Light Activated Epoxies - DELO-KATIOBOND

UV & light activated epoxies for bonding, sealing and potting, fast curing for use in opaque or translucent applications.

Dual Curing Adhesives - DELO-DUALBOND

Dual-curing adhesives, using a combination of light and heat / humidity, to achieve full cure in applications where shadow zones prevent light getting to the adhesive.

One Part Epoxy Resin - DELO-MONOPOX

One-part epoxies, cured by heat and suitable for high strength applications. Suitable for bonding metals, ferrites and ceramics.

Two Part Epoxies - DELO-DUOPOX

Two-part cold cured structural epoxy. Available in 1:1 & 2:1 DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges, and suitable for a multitude of high strength applications.

Anaerobic Adhesives - DELO-ML

Anaerobic adhesives are a one-part, cold cure for metal bonding, screw locking or flange and shaft sealing.

Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives - DELO-CA

One-part solvent free cyanoacrylates. Commonly known as superglue, crazy glue or instant adhesives. Suitable for general bonding applications on a range of substrates.

Silicone Adhesives and Sealants - DELO-GUM

One-part, cold cured silicone adhesives and sealants with a silicone rubber base. For bonding, fixing, sealing & potting.

Polyurethane Adhesives - DELO-PUR

Two-part cold cured structural polyurethanes adhesives. Available in 1:1 DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges, and suitable for a multitude of high strength applications where flexibility is required.

Dispensing and Curing Equipment

Dispensing and Curing Equipment

The DELO range of equipment for adhesives incorporate dispense & cure systems and associated accessories including single-channel dispense systems, manual & pneumatic dispensing guns, plus pressure tanks and accessories. Light sources for curing include LED spot lights and flood lamps, designed in specific wavelengths to cure every type of light cured adhesive. DELO also manufactures instruments for measuring the intensity of the light, regardless of the wavelength.

Reference Adhesive Applications

A sample range of reference applications solved using DELO adhesives & Sealants:




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