Inseto’s Adhesive Division provides technically advanced adhesives for bonding, sealing & encapsulation throughout the UK & Ireland.

Exclusively representing DELO Industrial Adhesives, our adhesive division has the technical expertise to advise on all your project requirements. Inseto’s experienced specialists will help with product selection, lab testing, trials, qualifications and application methods.

DELO manufactures a comprehensive range of adhesives with different chemistries and diverse curing mechanisms, including: light-cured or light-activated materials, plus dualcuring adhesives that cure with heat, and either light or moisture.

Complementing these are a range of adhesives that cure on mixing at room temperature, plus-one part materials that cure with the application of heat. In addition, a selection of anaerobic adhesives cure traditionally or with an additional light-fixing capability. Completing the product mix are moisture cured and B-stage materials. All of DELO’s adhesives are solvent-free and are fully RoHS-compliant.

DELO’s range of equipment incorporates dispense systems and associated accessories, plus light sources for curing, including LED spotlights and flood lamps, designed in specific wavelengths to cure every type of light cured adhesive.

Our adhesive specialists provide solutions for your bonding and sealing applications, please click here for free Technical Advice, or explore our website for further information. For example, choosing which family of adhesives to consider can be a daunting task in itself, never mind trying to identify one particular adhesive within that family! For some basic guidelines to help with this choice, please look at our Knowledge Base Fact Sheet here.

Inseto Adhesives Division provides an extensive range of UV cured or light activated Epoxies and Acrylates, dual curing (heat & light, humidity & light) adhesives, light
/ Anaerobic curing Adhesives, two-part Polyurethanes, one- & two-part Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates and one-part Silicones, plus dispensing and curing equipment.
Adhesives for automotive, electronics, medical and industrial applications.

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