Adhesive Curing Lamps & Light Systems: DELOLUX

Light-curing adhesives are cured with lamps that generate between 100 and 1,000 times the intensity of normal daylight.

The new generation of LED curing lamps enables easy and reliable curing of photo-initiated-curing adhesives.

The emission spectra are especially tailored to the light- and UV-curing adhesives. The intensities that the curing lamps generate allow very fast processes as well as reliable and reproducible results.

Operating costs are considerably less than traditional discharge lamps due to lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs, and the significantly improved lifetime of the LED’s: 10,000 “on-hours” minimum, Vs 1,000 hours for older lamps which are in continuous operation due to the long cooling-down period of the bulb when the lamp is switched off.

The DELOLUXcontrol system is available for monitoring radiation intensity of in-line or batch style production.

Detailed technical information on DELO’s light-cured adhesives can be found here.


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