High Intensity LED Lamp: DELOLUX 80

DELOLUX 80 Key Features

  • Faster curing (shorter cycle times)
  • Flexible tube lengths up to 4 metres available
  • Maximum intensity of 85,500 mW/cm²
  • Instantaneous on / off function
  • Long operation life of > 20,000 hours
  • Available in 365nm, 400nm or 460nm options

The LED spot curing lamp DELOLUX 80 is a perfect fit for applications with industrial adhesives. This unique LED spotlight system enables fast curing of regular light- and UV-cured adhesives. What is unique about this LED spot lamp system is that the light intensity is both consistent and at full power – immediately after turning it on.

The LED’s in the DELOLUX 80 are cooled by a specially developed liquid cooling system called ColdguideTM, a closed-loop system that is continuously monitored. This new technology gives a substantially longer lifetime and much higher light intensity than is possible with air-cooled LED modules.

Detailed technical information on DELO’s light-cured adhesives can be found here.

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