LED Area Curing Lamps: DELOLUX 20 & DELOLUX 202

DELOLUX 20 & DELOLUX 202 Key Features

  • Area LED lamp – DELOLUX 20: 100 x 100mm; DELOLUX 202: 202 x 49mm
  • Evenly-distributed intensity over the whole area
  • Maximum intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2
  • Instantaneous on / off function
  • Long operation life of > 20,000 hours
  • Available in 365nm or 400nm options

The DELOLUX 20 & 202 are high intensity LED flood lamps. Distributing light homogeneously, a flood lamp enables curing of larger areas in a matter of seconds. 

The LED flood light can be adjusted to individual production settings and flexibly integrated into fully automated assembly lines. It is especially suitable for large areas that need consistent illumination for curing: By placing DELOLUX 20 / 202 flood curing lamps in a row, it is possible to bring light evenly to large adhesion surfaces. In-series connection of these LED curing lamps is possible both in the x- and the y-axis. 

Another advantage of this flood lamp: Thanks to the cold light source, heat development on the component is very low. In addition, this type of flood lamp shows a very long lifetime and completely even light intensity – for optimal curing results throughout their life cycle.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to “Lamps for Curing UV Adhesives”, providing an overview of the different lamp technologies available.

Detailed technical information on DELO’s light-cured adhesives can be found here.

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