Radiation Intensity Measuring Device: DELOLUXcontrol

DELOLUXcontrol Key Features

  • Measuring device for monitoring the radiation intensity of area radiators and light guide units
  • Measuring heads for UV & Visible Light
  • Adaptors for light guides and LED lamps
  • Secure processing to ensure complete curing of the adhesive by monitoring the radiation intensity

Regular intensity control is essential for complete adhesive curing and reliable production processes. Consistent with our DELOLUX lamp range, we offer the DELOLUXcontrol light intensity meter.

DELOLUXcontrol can be equipped and operated with disparate detector heads. This makes it possible to measure the intensity in the relevant spectral area of the adhesive used.

For the DELOLUX 20 & 80, the 9mm LED detector head is used.

For the DELOLUX 50, the 1mm detector head is used.

Detailed technical information on DELO’s light-cured adhesives can be found here.

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