Spot Curing LED Lamp: DELOLUX 50

DELOLUX 50 Key Features

  • 4-Way LED Spot Light Source
  • Interchangeable lenses allow specific light focusing
  • Maximum intensity of 12,000 mW/cm²
  • Instantaneous on / off function
  • Long operation life of > 20,000 hours
  • Available in 365nm, 400nm or 460nm options

The DELOLUX 50 high intensity LED curing lamp is an excellent option for quick and precise curing of adhesives. With intensities of up to 12,000 mW/cm², this spotlight can realise exposure times of under a second. Furthermore, it isn’t just space-efficient, it’s also highly reliable: Consistent light intensity ensures process security when working with the DELOLUX 50 LED curing lamp.

Up to 4 LED heads can be connected to the base unit to enable independent irradiation of multiple areas. Different interchangeable lenses are available to enable perfect curing of various component shapes in different application areas. Illumination diameters range from 0.6mm to 10mm.

Detailed technical information on DELO’s light-cured adhesives can be found here.

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