DELOMAT 101 Dispense System

DELOMAT 101 Dispense System Key Features

  • Flexible dispensing control unit for semi- or fully automated work stations
  • Universal adhesive dispensing from pressure tanks, Euro or small cartridges
  • Various dosing times can be set at the dispensing controller: for fixed settings or external control over individual cycles
  • No unwanted dripping thanks to a regulated vacuum that keeps low-viscosity products in small cartridges

For use as a semi-automated or fully-automated workstation with PLC control, the DELOMAT 101 is a time-pressure dispensing system, capable of universal dispensing from pressure tanks, Euro-cartridges or small cartridges / syringes. Variable dispensing times can be permanently set on the control panel, or selected for each dispense cycle with external commands. A vacuum facility for low-viscous media in small cartridges prevents dripping.

To complement this system, DELO also offers membrane-dispense valves and pinch-tube valves.

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