Anaerobic-Cured Adhesives: DELO-ML

DELO-ML Key Features

  • Fast-curing adhesives that cure at room temperature
  • Excellent for metal bonding and sealing
  • Different grades available – flexible, impact-resistant and tension-equalising
  • Extra light-curing mechanism available on some options

DELO-ML anaerobic curing adhesives are one-part, room-temperature cured for metal bonding, thread locking, sealing flanges, shaft and hub joints. These adhesives provide high compression and shear strengths, excellent thermal stability (-60 – 200ºC), and are resistant to vibrations and permanent dynamic stress.

DELO-ML adhesives are available in groups, from low to high strength, each group with low, medium, high and pasty viscosities and in a unique identifying colour: yellow, blue, green & clear. A range of visible-light-cure materials is also available for dry edge applications, or where a quick initial strength is required.

An example of an application that has been solved by DELO-ML adhesives can be found here.

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Bonding, Sealing, Encapsulation; Magnet & Ferrite Bonding; Dual-Curing for Edge Sealing; Metal Bonding; Thread-locking

Industry Segments

E-Motors, Battery Pack Assembly; Mechanical Engineering, Metal Processing, Electronics/Electrical Engineering


Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom & Ireland

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