Camera Bonding

Modified-Epoxy Key Features

  • Reduced production cycle times
  • Improved rigidity in construction
  • Increased impact protection
  • Sound and vibration deadening
  • Reduction in weight

Camera-based driver assistance systems are rapidly filtering down from top-of-the-range automobiles to more family-orientated vehicles. In addition, quality and reliability demands are also increasing, in terms of lens structures and pixel density. DELO’s family of modified-epoxy mCD adhesives offers significant benefits of low curing temperatures at fast curing speeds, and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrate materials.

Aligning the lens to the camera housing to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved by flash-curing the adhesive in place once the focal length has been optimised, hence the need for a very fast curing adhesive. DELO’s mCD adhesives cure quickly at low temperatures, thereby reducing the stress on the plastic housing in order to ensue a long lifetime of the bonded parts.

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