Optical Sensor Bonding


  • Light-activated versions can be used in opaque applications
  • Very fast curing to minimise process costs
  • Epoxy base ensures dry surface after cure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • One-part, ideal for manual or automated processing

DELO KATIOBOND adhesives are used to bond a PBT-packaged optical sensor onto a thermoplastic housing for an automotive steering application. Positional accuracy of the sensor is critical in x, y, x and theta planes. A heat-cured adhesive is not possible due to the very short cycle times required: < 20 seconds per device. Two sensors per device makes cure time even more critical.

Because both components are dark in colour, so using a pre-activated adhesive is the only solution. Pre-activation is achieved in 2 seconds at 1,000 mW/cm2, and there is enough adhesive visible after the joining process to illuminate for a further 5 seconds at 5,000 mW/cm2 and therefore achieve high initial handling strength. Simultaneous curing of both bond areas using dedicated light-guides meets the cycle time requirement.

Immediately after assembly, the finished components are electrically tested at +85°C, further curing the DELO KATIOBOND adhesive and also increasing the handling strength of the bonded parts. Full testing is then carried out to the most demanding automotive standards.

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