Adhesives for Electronics Assembly by DELO

DELO manufactures a range of high-purity adhesives tailored for electronic applications, including UV & heat-cured epoxies for encapsulating devices or assemblies (whether by GlobTop Or Dam & Fill processing), silicones, plus light-activated and light-cured products for encapsulation, sealing and joining.

For information on some of the ways that adhesives are used in electronic applications, please look at our Knowledge Based Fact Sheet here.

Some applications include:


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Bonding, Sealing, Encapsulation, Potting, Protection Against Vibration, Securing, Dam & Fill

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Microelectronic / Hybrid Assembly, Semiconductor Assembly / Back-end Assembly etc., Fibre Optics / Photonic Assembly, Microwave Electronics, OEM Equipment Manufacturers, Precision Components & Assemblies, PCB Assembly, Electronic Component / Device Assembly, Smart Cards, Smart Labels, RFID, Automotive Electronics etc.

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Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom & Ireland

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