Display Bonding

Display Bonding Adhesives Key Features

  • Initial cure with light for handling or securing
  • Full cure with light and heat or moisture
  • Ideal for applications with shadow zones
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrate materials

The success of the smart phone and tablet markets has triggered a boom in touch panel displays – the glass panel is bonded to the housing, and this can cause undesired reflections and limited visibility in direct sunlight. DELOs new family of optically-clear adhesives eliminates these problems, as well as being used extensively in industrial, ruggedized displays. These adhesives are highly transparent with no yellowing in sunlight, they have enhanced shock and vibration resistance, and they prevent condensation and fogging. More detailed information on the DELO DUALBOND range of adhesives can be found here.

These adhesives have a dual-curing mechanism, using high intensity UV light to cure the visible adhesive, and then allowing humidity to complete the cure in any shadow zones. This has the added advantage of being a very fast process – the UV cure takes seconds, while the humidity cure can be done off-line, resulting in very short cycle times and high UPH. More detailed information on the DELO PHOTOBOND range of adhesives can be found here.

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