Odd-Form Component Fixing

DELO-DUOPOX Key Features

  • Two-part cost-effective epoxy adhesives
  • Available in 50ml or 200ml DELO-AUTOMIX containers for ease of use
  • Epoxy base ensures dry surface after cure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Curing can be accelerated by heat


  • Light-activated versions can be used in opaque applications
  • Very fast curing to minimise process costs
  • Epoxy base ensures dry surface after cure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • One-part, ideal for manual or automated processing

Some demanding applications require tall, odd-form components to be bonded to the PCB after solder reflow in order to provide additional mechanical strength, especially in high vibration applications such as motors and aeroplane wing structures. There are two means of doing this with adhesives:

The most cost-effective method from a materials perspective is to use a two-part, cold-cured DELO-DUOPOX adhesive. Application is simple as the adhesive is supplied in 50ml or 200ml DELO-AUTOMIX containers – just attach the mixing nozzle and use a dispense gun to apply the adhesive around the edges of the relevant components. Due to the nature of the adhesive, it can take some hours to achieve sufficient handling strength to move the device onto the next stage of production, but this can be reduced by applying heat.

The second method is to use a light-cured DELO KATIOBOND adhesive. Again, the adhesive is dispensed around the edges of the relevant components, and it is then cured very quickly by means of a high-intensity light source. The high speed of the curing process means that additional manufacturing time is limited, thereby keeping processing costs to a minimum.

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