Transistor Bonding

DELO-CA Adhesives Key Features

  • Instant bond in seconds at room temperature
  • Low viscosity materials with thin bondlines
  • Easy to use, single part adhesives
  • High tensile and shear strengths

DELO-CA Cyanoacrylates are used to bond transistors into the housing of optical converters. The materials being bonded are sheet steel and die-cast zinc that is nickel-plated.

The adhesive provides good adhesion both surfaces and has a limited gap-filling capability. It is a one-part adhesive and is used in conjunction with a DELO-QUICK activator.

The housing is dipped in the activator for accelerated curing. After 60 seconds evaporation time, the transistor and the housing are clamped in assembly equipment, and the transistor is adjusted in x & y for optimum performance. The adhesive is then dispensed, and with a curing time of 30 seconds, the assembly is ready for the next process.

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