Consumer Wearables

DELO Light Curing Adhesives Key Features

  • High-strength
  • Tension-equalising
  • Moisture resistance
  • Optically clear
  • Maximum ageing resistance to sunlight
  • Refractive index similar to glass

Aside from the obvious need for good bond strength, the two major requirements for adhesives in consumer wearables are peel resistance and a barrier to moisture. Additionally, because consumer wearables are manufactured in large quantities for a global market, processing time must be very short. DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives meet all these requirements. Due to their light-curing nature, they can be cured in seconds; they can be supplied in large containers of 1 litre and above; and they are usually stored at room temperature, eliminating the need to thaw / defrost the adhesive. It is also easy to add a colour to the adhesive, allowing for precise control when applying the adhesive.

Consumer wearables utilise a multitude of different materials, including glass and an almost-limitless range of plastics. With DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives, it becomes very straightforward in choosing a suitable adhesive tailored to the materials being bonded.

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