Display Bonding

DELO Light Curing Adhesives Key Features

  • Moisture resistance
  • Optically clear
  • Maximum ageing resistance to sunlight
  • Refractive index similar to glass
  • Tension-equalising

As displays become more prevalent in everyday life, from consumer electronics to automobiles to industrial plants, the use of adhesives has increased alongside this phenomenon. Instead of air-filling the gap under the top glass screen, adhesives are used instead, due to the fact that reflection is reduced by up to two-thirds when an adhesive is used instead of air.

Displays are used in a very diverse range of applications – mobile phones, tablets, bank machines, solar-powered parking meters,etc. The displays need to be easily read in all light conditions, and DELO’s liquid, optically-clear adhesives meet this requirement. They fill the gap between the top glass panel and the actual display, and help to reduce energy consumption as less energy is used for a display’s backlight brightness. It also means that there is less dust and condensation on the glass in humid surroundings.

More detailed information on the DELO PHOTOBOND range of adhesives can be found here.

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