Perfume Bottle Bonding

DELO Light Curing Adhesives Key Features

  • High-strength
  • Tension-equalising
  • Moisture resistance
  • Optically clear
  • Maximum ageing resistance to sunlight
  • Refractive index similar to glass

In the world of luxury goods, the appearance of a perfume bottle is just as important as the fragrance inside! To make the bottle visually appealing, decorative elements made of metal or plastic are often bonded to the glass bottles. It is critical that the adhesive is invisible to the human eye, so optically-clear transparent adhesives are required.

DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives are the material of choice in this application field. Their high transparency makes the bond areas invisible, providing the bottle with a visually pleasing design. Thanks to their light-curing properties, the adhesives cure very quickly, enabling swift and efficient processing. The high strength and humidity-resistance of the bond ensures its durability without any signs of yellowing.

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