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DELO-PUR Key Features

  • Two-part adhesives in DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges
  • Excellent strength with static and dynamic loads
  • Ideal for larger bonding areas
  • Good tension-equalising properties

Bonding glass to Polycarbonate can also be solved using DELO-PUR Polyurethane adhesives. These high-viscosity adhesives form a reliable bead after dispensing, and have a working life sufficient to reliably align the parts after dispensing, and before the adhesive starts to cure.

The relative flexibility of the adhesive compensates for the CTE mis-match between the materials, enabling the finished device to meet the requirements of a climate change test from -40°C to +80°C for 168 hours.

Supplying the adhesive in the DELO-AUTOMIX double-barrelled cartridge system means that the 2-part adhesive mixes as it dispenses through the nozzle, allow for a very flexible working environment.

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