Bonding of Arrowheads

DELO-PUR Key Features

  • Two-part adhesives in DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges
  • Excellent strength with static and dynamic loads
  • Ideal for larger bonding areas
  • Good tension-equalising properties

For bonding aluminium inserts onto carbon arrowheads, DELO’s two-part Polyurethane adhesives are used because of their high impact resistance. The vibrations induced in the arrow when it hits its (non-human) target put tremendous stress on the joint, so the increased flexibility of Polyurethane adhesives over epoxies compensates for this stress.

Arrows can reach speeds up to 250 Km/h, and decelerate to 0 Km/h instantaneously. In addition, because they can penetrate deeply into the target, a very high tensile force is applied in order to withdraw and re-use the arrow.

Testing of the finished arrows included the following requirements: a) shoot at a 20mm thick plywood target; b) shoot at a 60mm thick wooden target; and c) shoot at a concrete wall to test for rebound strength.

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