Bonding of Electric Motors

DELO-ML Key Features

  • One-part anaerobic-curing adhesives
  • Cure in the presence of metal and the absence of oxygen
  • Excellent thermal & chemical resistance
  • Dual-curing option to “freeze” the visible part of the adhesive
  • Flexible, impact-resistant and tension-equalising

Increasingly, magnets used in electric motors are adhesive-bonded rather than using conventional mechanical joining methods. Using adhesives gives the advantage of evenly distributing stresses (rather than concentrating them on the mechanical joint), reducing vibration noise, increasing corrosion protection, and eliminating of component damage during the joining process.

DELO-ML anaerobic adhesives offer excellent thermal stability up to 220°C, excellent chemical resistance, tension-equalising properties, and an increased gap-filling capability over mechanical joints. Additionally, using a dual-cured anaerobic adhesive offers fast light-fixation on the visible part of the bond.

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