Stair Banister Bonding

DELO-DUOPOX Key Features

  • Multi-purpose robust two-part epoxies
  • Single-part application possibility using DELO-AUTOMIX system
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • Heat curing option to reduce cure time

A very large number of processes can be involved in banister construction, depending on the complexity of the design. By using adhesive bonding to pre-assemble the various modules that make up the stairs, time on-site is minimised, as is the disruption caused by long cure times that are traditionally associated with two-part adhesives.

In addition to that, adhesives can be used as gap fillers where design tolerances are large. And because they are excellent alternatives to mechanical processes such as welding and riveting, there is need for follow-on “touch-up” processes which can be time consuming.

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