Conductive Die Attach Adhesive

Conductive Die Attach Adhesive Key Features

  • Silver-filled conductive die attach adhesive
  • Epoxy with conductivity in all three axes
  • High die shear strength
  • Optional light-fixing capability for high accuracy placement
  • Low temperature curing for sensitive substrate materials
  • Extended pot life

DELO manufactures a range of conductive die attach adhesive with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates (FR4, gold-plated alumina, LCP, PETP, etc.). These adhesives are based on a silver filled epoxy and are also known as isotropic conductive adhesives.

They are used in wide range of die bonding applications, where electrical conductivity is required, including semiconductor assembly onto lead-frames, microelectronic hybrid assembly onto alumina, high-reliability devices and commercial PCB Chip-on-Board applications, etc.

DELO’s die attach adhesives have an extended working life, simplifying handling and processing, plus they meet an extensive range of customer requirements and specifications.

An additional feature is that the adhesives can be snap-cured with light to fix them in-place before a final full cure, making them ideal for high precision applications. Light-fixing the visible fillet of the adhesive around the die takes as little as 1 second, and this ensures that there is no movement of the die between die placement and curing. Heat-curing of the epoxy is mandatory, and can take as little as 10 minutes at 100°C or 30 minutes at 80°C.

More detailed information on DELO’s range of conductive die attach adhesives can be found here.

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