Dam & Fill Encapsulation Adhesive

Adhesive Key Features

  • High purity adhesives for encapsulating bare die
  • Low CTE to prevent substrate warpage and breaking of wirebonds
  • High Tg to minimise stresses, both during and after cure
  • Excellent protection against mechanical stresses (temperature, vibration, etc.)
  • Very high chemical resistance, e.g. automotive fluids, printing inks, etc.

The Dam & Fill process consists of building a wall, or Dam, around the area to be encapsulated (generally this is larger than 2mm x 2mm), using a high-viscosity adhesive that does not slump between dispensing and curing. The cavity created by the Dam is then Filled with a low-viscosity version of the same adhesive.

The Dam & Fill are then cured simultaneously either by heat (~ 20 minute cure time at 150°C), or by light (< 1 minute cure time, depending on the intensity of the UV lamp). In some cases, for very thin die, a cure temperature of 100°C can be used to reduce / eliminate die cracking and bowing of the substrate.

Dam & Fill adhesives have a low CTE to minimise the stress placed on the wire bonds, and can withstand operating temperatures from -65°C to +180°C (product dependant). In addition to protecting the die, they also provide excellent chemical resistance, and are high purity adhesives to reduce outgassing. Ideally, in high reliability applications, the adhesives will have a high glass transition (Tg) temperature, in excess of 150°C, to minimise the stress on the die during temperature cycling / shock.

More detailed information on DELO’s range of encapsulation adhesives can be found here.

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