Freezer Gasket Assembly

DELO-GUM Key Features

  • Industrial grade silicone adhesives and sealants
  • One-part moisture-cured
  • Excellent temperature, chemical and aging resistance
  • High purity versions ideal for electronic applications

Silicones are used as separating agents for demolding in injection molding and casting resin applications. Because of this, it is exceedingly difficult to bond silicone materials without pre-treatment. The exception to this is silicone-based adhesive.

After curing, the silicone adhesive achieves almost identical properties to the silicone material – the connection stays as soft and elastic as the base material, even at sub-zero temperatures, making silicone adhesives ideal to use in commercial freezer products.

The silicone adhesive and the silicone gasket must ensure reliable and repeatable sealing of the door; in addition, because both food and pharmaceutical products are stored in freezers, the adhesive must not release any harmful substances.

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