Mini-Loudspeaker Assembly


  • Light-activated versions can be used in opaque applications
  • Very fast curing to minimise process costs
  • Epoxy base ensures dry surface after cure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • One-part, ideal for manual or automated processing

Adhesive bonding a PCB onto a PBT “basket” is part of the mini-loudspeaker assembly process. Previous bonding attempts with heat-cured adhesives caused contamination on the surface of the PCB. In addition, the PCB coil creates a shadow zone, so UV light cannot be used in order to avoid uncured adhesive.

Pre-activating an adhesive with light before joining the components is the ideal solution. The adhesive receives enough energy in the 8-second pre-activation process to fully cure in time, and there is enough adhesive visible after the joining process to illuminate for a further 20 seconds and therefore achieve high initial handling strength.

In addition to the elimination of the contamination caused by heat-cured adhesives, a pull-off strength of 20N minimum was easily achieved, and the complete assembly passed the industry standard of operating temperature use between -40°C and +85°C. A further cost saving was obtained by eliminating the energy used in the heat-cure process.

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