Welder Tip Sealing

DELO-GUM Key Features

  • Industrial grade silicone adhesives and sealants
  • One-part moisture-cured
  • Excellent temperature, chemical and aging resistance
  • High purity versions ideal for electronic applications

Nickel-plated steel pipes, used to carry gases during the welding process, have an inner lining of a Teflon tube. The tube needs to be sealed to the steel pipe to provide a reliable seal against possible gas leakages.

DELO-GUM silicone sealants are used as they have excellent tension-equalising properties to allow for the CTE mis-match between the Teflon tube and the steel pipe.

The silicone adhesive is a one-part compound so no mixing is necessary, and they show good adhesion to both materials being bonded. They also have excellent temperature resistance to combat the high temperatures seen in the welding process.

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