Polyurethane Adhesives: DELO-PUR

DELO-PUR Key Features

  • Two-part adhesives in DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges
  • Excellent strength with static and dynamic loads
  • Ideal for larger bonding areas
  • Good tension-equalising properties

DELO-PUR are two-part cold-cured structural polyurethane adhesives, available in 1:1 DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges, and suitable for a multitude of high strength applications where flexibility is required.

DELO-PUR adhesives are mineral-filled, and offer an initial handling strength of 1 – 2 MPa from 10 minutes and up to 20 MPa after 24 hours, although curing can be accelerated dramatically with the introduction of heat.

They can be used in temperatures from –40ºC to +100°C and have excellent chemical stability. Polyurethanes are tough with elastic properties and offer good strength under static and dynamic conditions. Polyurethane adhesives are also suitable for large gaps due to their high run-resistance.

The Polyurethane adhesives are available in 50 & 200ml DELO-AUTOMIX double cartridges and part A and B 25Kg drums for larger volume applications. Manual & pneumatic dispense guns for the DELO-AUTOMIX cartridges are also available.

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Metal & Plastic Bonding; Gap Filling – Large & Small; High Strength Bonding – Stress Equalising; High Impact Applications; Sealing & Securing

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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Medical, Electronics & Processing, Automotive


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