UV & Light Curing Adhesive: DELO Katiobond

DELO Katiobond Key Features

  • UV & light curing adhesive
  • Epoxy base ensures dry surface after cure
  • Fast-curing adhesives, resulting in short cycle-times
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • One-part adhesives, ideal for manual or automated processing
  • Excellent performance over wide temperature range

The DELO Katiobond range of UV & light curing adhesive have an epoxy base and cure using either UV (320-400nm) and or visible (400-550nm) light. They are especially suitable for bonding, sealing and potting applications. The curing is by cationic polymerisation, hence the product name Katiobond.

The adhesives have good temperature resistance, up to 180ÂșC, and excellent chemical resistance, making them ideal for automotive and harsh environment use. The epoxies are dry to touch after cure (no oxygen inhibition occurs) are one-part and cure at room temperature.

Cured products exhibit low shrinkage, resulting in low stress on delicate devices. Low water absorption and very low ionic content make them ideal for electronic applications.

DELO Katiobond, UV & light curing adhesives are available in variable viscosities from 1,300 to 180,000 mPa.s, with cure of thicker layers possible due to the use of visible light, which has a longer wavelength and so is able to penetrate deeper into the adhesive than pure UV-curing adhesives.

Examples of applications that have been solved by DELO KATIOBOND range of UV & Light Curing Adhesives can be found here and here.

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