Automatic Surface Acoustic Microscope: X-Sam 200/300

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic inline surface acoustic microscope (SAM)
  • Non-destructive SAM inspection of power electronic devices
  • Patented “Split Water” system protects topside components
  • Flexible configurations according to specified needs
  • Advanced ultrasonic control for optimal results
  • Scanning frequency up to 250 MHz
  • Processing area: 400 x 300 or 500 x 600 mm

The X-SAM 200 / 300 Series is a patented fully automatic surface acoustic microscope (SAM) designed for inline non-destructive inspection of power semiconductor and other electronic assemblies, ensuring process capability and repeatability.

The  X-SAM delivers high-performance surface acoustic microscopy, utilising advanced ultrasonic control for optimal results, with a scanning frequency up to 250 MHz.

Featuring AMX’s  patented “Water Split System”, sensitive surfaces on the top-side of the substrate are preserved, enabling ultrasonic analysis in partial immersion.

The modular design guarantees flexibility and accuracy during the testing stage, which can be configured according to specified customers requirements.

Available with either manual loading or inline configurations, the automatic scanning acoustic microscopes feature an intuitive touch-screen interface, component traceability and controlled atmospheres on request. Model dependent, the systems feature scanning areas up to 400 x 300mm or 500 x 600mm.

  • AMX-XS200-Surface-Acoustic-Microscope-SAM

X-SAM XS200/XS300 Technical Downloads


X-SAM XS200/XS300 Datasheet


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