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  • Adhesives for Electric Motors

    Adhesives have several uses in the construction of an electric motor but may need to cope with harsh environment operation.

  • Basic Adhesive Types

    A simple guide to the different adhesive types used in engineering and electronics today.

  • Dual Cured Adhesives

    As joining and sealing applications become more and more complex, the demand for adhesives with multiple curing mechanisms is significantly increasing. This article provides an overview of the different dual curing adhesives manufactured by Delo, their hybrid chemistries, curing methods and typical applications.

  • Encapsulation Adhesives

    Knowing which adhesives to use to protect sensitive IC’s and wirebonds can be a little bit of a challenge! This article provides an overview of the options available to customers, and advises on how to cure the adhesives, what the properties of the cured adhesives are, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with the different options.

  • Lamps for Curing UV Adhesives

    Historically, wide-spectrum lamps have been used to cure UV adhesives, but with advances in LED technology, using Light Emitting Diodes has become more popular over the last few years due to their lower cost-of-ownership. This document overviews both curing technologies and their respective process control method.

  • Likely Changes To Encapsulation Adhesives

    How might the likely banning of encapsulation adhesives containing a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) affect your business? The purpose of this article is to convey our understanding of how the likely ban of these SVHCs might affect your business if you are using chip encapsulation adhesives.