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  • Oxide Coated Wafer Overview – SiO2

    This article explains the types, primary properties and example applications for the most popular semiconductor oxide wafer coating, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

  • Resist Coating Methods

    Resist Coating Methods overviews spin coat, spray coat, inkjet print, dip and slot die coating processes for semiconductor photo resists.

  • Semiconductor Wafer Nomenclature

    This article explains the nomenclature used to identify our semiconductor wafer types and specifications, along with the key descriptive criteria to consider when choosing wafers.

  • Wafer Bonding Methods

    Wafer Bonding Methods overviews the different wafer bonding methods used in semiconductor manufacturing.

  • What Is A Mask Aligner?

    What is a mask aligner? It is a precision instrument used to transfer a pattern (with micro- / nano-scale features) onto a wafer or substrate during the semiconductor manufacturing process. Read more about all five components here in our Knowledge Base!

  • What Is A Wafer Bonder?

    What is a wafer bonder? A wafer bonder is a precision machine tool used in the fabrication of micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) and other similar technologies. A wafer bonder is used to package together two or more substrates on the wafer-level.

  • What Is Spin Coating?

    What is Spin Coating? This Knowledge Base document overviews the semiconductor fabrication process known as spin-coating, and explains how it works.