Materials Manufacturers

Inseto’s Materials Division provides assembly materials and machine consumable tooling for the Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Electronic, Photonic, RF and Hybrid assembly industries etc.

Products & services include: semiconductor & silica wafers, sub-contract wafer bumping grinding & dicing, bonding wires & ribbons, plated wire & ribbons, precision stampings, solder spheres & preforms , hermetic glass & ceramic packages, thick film materials, metalised thin film substrates, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes & thermodes, plus bonding wedges, capillaries, die collets & dicing blades etc.include gold, aluminium, copper and silver bonding wires and bonding ribbons, precision metal stampings, solder preforms, hermetic glass & ceramic sealed packages, thick film materials (thick film inks), metallised thin film and precision machined ceramics, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes and thermodes and die / wire bond assembly consumables including wedges, capillaries and collets, dicing blades etc.


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