Inseto’s Materials Division provides a range of high-quality materials and machine consumable products used in the fabrication and assembly of photonic, semiconductor, high-frequency & microelectronic devices etc.

Materials are made to order according to exacting specifications, with stock of regular consumable and material parts available for rapid shipment via ISO controlled processes.

Our Materials Division’s products include: thick film pastes, glazes and specialty powders, thin film substrates, precision micro-stampings and solder preforms, adhesives for die attach and encapsulation, wires and ribbons for bonding and soldering, hermetic metal or ceramic packages and thermal dissipation materials.

Our machine consumable tooling includes dicing blades, die pickup tools and bonding collets, welding electrodes and thermodes, plus bonding wedges and capillaries etc.

Inseto’s specialist engineers will help you in selecting the correct material or machine consumable to suit your specific requirements or process.

Inseto Materials Division's products & services include: metalised thin film substrates, thick film pastes, glazes and specialty powders, precision micro-stampings, solder spheres & preforms, die attach adhesives, bonding wires & ribbons, thermal dissipation materials, stamped heatsinks, hermetic glass & ceramic HTCC packages, package lids and glob-tops, welding electrodes & thermodes, plus bonding wedges, capillaries, die collets, pickup tools & dicing blades etc.
Semiconductor Assembly Materials and Machine Consumable Tooling

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