Adhesives for Microelectronic Assembly

DELO adhesives are used in a vast range of microelectronic assembly applications including die attach, IC encapsulation including Dam & Fill, plus light-activated and light-cured adhesives for casting, sealing and joining.

As well as traditional die attach adhesives such as conductive & non-conductive epoxies, DELO has developed a dual-curing silver epoxy that cures by a combination of UV & heat, or just by heat alone. UV-curing the fillet around the die immediately after component placement guarantees that movement of the die during heat cure in eliminated. This results in improved placement accuracy at repeatable levels. It can also enable off-line heat curing, thereby saving costly in-line processing time.

For further information on the full range of die attach adhesives or encapsulation “Glob-Top” adhesives, click on the product links below.

More detailed application examples of adhesives for microelectronic assembly, including materials for MEMS applications and for large or small die encapsulation, are shown HERE. However if your particular requirement is not listed, please contact us for further information, as it is more than likely that a similar requirement has been solved before.


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