Encapsulation Adhesives

Encapsulation Adhesives Key Features

  • High purity adhesives for bare die encapsulation
  • Glob-top and Dam & Fill materials
  • Low CTE to prevent substrate warpage and breaking of wirebonds
  • High Tg to minimise stresses, both during and after cure
  • Excellent protection against mechanical stresses (temperature, vibration, etc.)
  • Very high chemical resistance, e.g. automotive fluids, printing inks, etc.
  • Option of heat-cured or UV-cured product ranges
  • NEW: SVHC-Free Encapsulants GE6585, GE6525 & GE7065

Protecting bare silicon die is done in a variety of ways, by over-moulding in traditional semiconductor packaging, in metal hermetic packages, or by glob top adhesive encapsulation on organic substrates.

Depending on the die size, either a single-stage glob top is used or, for larger die, a two-stage process of damming the die with a high-viscosity adhesive and filling the enclosed space with a low-viscosity compatible adhesive.

For useful information on choosing the right glob top adhesive for encapsulation, or help in understanding the terminology, and processing and technical guidelines, please look at our Knowledge Base Fact Sheet here.

DELO’s family of heat-cured anhydride-curing epoxies offer significant advantages to the user:

  • Dam heights of 3mm and above
  • Simultaneous curing of Dam and Fill
  • Fast curing times of 20 minutes at 150°C
  • Optional low-temperature cure temperature at 100°C
  • Operating temperature range from -65°C to +180°C
  • Low CTE’s of < 25ppm for thermal mismatch compensation
  • High Tg’s of approx. 180°C, with decomposition temperatures in excess of 320°C
  • Excellent chemical and media resistance
  • Compliance with JEDEC MSL 1 requirements
  • Thermal shock resistance of > 1,000 cycles from -40°C to +150°C
  • High purity with < 10ppm ionic impurities
  • Low humidity sensitivity with < 0.1% water absorption

In addition, DELO offers UV-cured epoxies for:

  • Very fast curing (seconds)
  • Short cycle times = high volume assembly
  • Simultaneous curing of Dam & Fill
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +150°C
  • Excellent chemical and media resistance
  • High purity with < 10ppm of Na+, K+, Cl ions

NEW: Heat-cured high-reliability encapsulation materials currently contain small traces of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). This is allowed under current legislation, but that is likely to change in the not-too-distant future. DELO has developed a suite of new encapsulants, GE6585 (Dam), GE6525 (Fill) & GE7065 (GlobTop), that is totally SVHC-free. In addition, these encapsulants offer other advantages over existing materials: even lower CTE & higher Tg, lower curing temperatures and shorter cure times, and a wider operating temperature range. For more information on SVHC-free materials, and how these offer significant processing and performance upgrades over traditional chip encapsulation adhesives, please click here.

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