Wire Bond Capillary

Capillaries Key Features:

  • Capillary for gold ball bonding and bumping applications
  • Specific capillaries for copper and silver wires
  • Standard and fine pitch capillary designs
  • Suitable for all OEM manual and automated ball bonders
  • For current and legacy equipment
  • Many designs available ex-stock

Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced wire bonding capillary tools for a broad range of applications from standard to ultra-fine pitch bonding of copper and gold wires, through capillary designs suitable for wafer level bump bond and capillaries suitable for manual ball bonding equipment.

K&S produce an extensive range of capillaries for Au & Cu wire, from large pitch (120 µm pad pitch) through ultra-fine pitch (35µm and below) applications. K&S capillaries are continuously developed to improve bond process reliability, equipment performance, looping characteristics, longevity and yield.

With over 40 years experiences, in providing end-to-end solutions to a wide array of customers applications, KnS provide wire bond capillaries to suit all major brands of equipment.

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