Wafer Dicing Blade

KnS Dicing Blade Key Features

  • Wafer dicing Blades for Wafer & Package Singulation
  • Wide range of grit sizes
  • Variable bond hardness
  • Choose from three different diamond concentrations
  • Hubbed dicing blades for all OEM equipment

K&S (formerly known as Semitec) offers a full range of hubbed wafer dicing blade for a variety of advanced application and material dicing. Nearly three decades of experience in sophisticated dicing blade technology have shown that meeting the desired objectives for cut quality, throughput and blade life requires matching the material to be cut with the appropriate blade composition and geometry.

K&S produce high-quality hubbed dicing blades for package and wafer singulation, which incorporate the latest technology to enhance lifetime, cut quality and process stability.

The range of KnS dicing blades for cutting Silicon, GaAs, InP wafers and package singulation feature various grit sizes, diamond concentrations, bond hardnesses and hub configurations, optimised to deliver maximum cut quality, throughput and blade life.

  • Hubbed Dicing Blades

Hub Dicing Blades Technical Downloads


K&S – AccuPlus Dicing Blades


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Dicing Semiconductor Wafers and Cutting Hard Materials, Cutting Precision Metal Parts, Dicing Thin Film Substrates, Wire Bonding Gold Wire, Ball Bonding Copper Wire, Flip Chip Bump Bonding, Stud Bumps

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