Wire Bond Wedge Tool and Die Bond Tooling by MPP

MPP is a world leading wire bond wedge tool and die bond tool manufacturer, producing an extensive range of bonding wedges and die attach tooling. Incorporating the former Kulicke and Soffa Microswiss technology, with more than 25 years experience in supplying tooling to the Semiconductor assembly industry, MPP range of bond tools are sold worldwide.

The MPP range of products includes wire bonding tools for fine wire ultrasonic wedge bonding, including Aluminum (Al), Gold (Au), and Copper (Cu) wire bond applications. In addition, MPP also manufacture and develop an extensive range of ultrasonic bonding wedges for RF ribbon bonding applications using Au and Al ribbons.

The range of die bond tools, includes die attach collets, pickup tips, eject needles and epoxy stamping tools, with customs tooling also available on request.

The MPP products are designed to suit all major brands of manual and automatic wire bonding, die bonding equipment, including: K&S, Orthodyne, BESI – Datacon, ASM, Amicra, Delvotec, Palomar, MRSI, Hesse Mechatronics, F&S Bondtec, TPT, Hybond, Westbond, etc.

MPP - Micro Point Pro Bonding Equipment and Consumable Tooling

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Wedge Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding, Die Bonding, Tab Bonding, Eutectic Die Attach, Die Sorting

Industry Segments

Semiconductor Production, Microelectronic Assembly, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, University Research etc.

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Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordic Region

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