Die Bonding Tools and Collets

Die Bonding Tools and Collets Key Features

  • High quality die attach tooling for all die attach equipment
  • Die Collets, Pickup Tips, Eject Needles and Stamping Tools etc.
  • Extensive range of tip styles available for all applications
  • Available with quick lead-times

MPP products also include die collets and pick up tools, manufactured from various metallic (stainless steel, tungsten carbide or titanium carbide) and non-metallic (PVC, MSP, Vespel or Derlin) materials to suit almost any application including eutectic bonding.

The Die Bonding process takes place prior to wire bonding. The selected die is placed in a package and mechanically connected using either eutectic or adhesive die attach methods.

Die collets are used when the process requires high accuracy for the positioning of the die. They allow for minimal contact between the die and the attachment tool and provide a strong grip, especially in the eutectic die bonding and on MEMS devices where the upper surface cannot be contacted.

The Flat Face Pick Up tool is used in a Thermo-compression or Epoxy Die Attach process for picking up, holding, transferring and placing a die on the substrate.

Micro Point Pro offers a comprehensive selection of Vacuum Pick Up tools for various applications, from ambient to high temperature resistant materials, including plastics, ceramics and metal based, dependent upon the required die-attach process.

In addition, MPP also manufacture die eject needles and epoxy stamping tools, including bar, star & pin patterns. These tools are suitable for use with all common die bonding machine models.

  • Die Collet for bonding and pick and place applications

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