Ultrasonic Wedge Bonding Tool

Ultrasonic Wedge Bonding Tool Key Features

  • High quality wire bond wedge tool for all bonding platforms
  • Bonding Wedges suitable for manual and automatic wire bonding equipment
  • 30, 38, 45 and 60 degree, deep access, fine and ultra-fine pitch tools
  • Gold and Aluminium wire bond tools
  • Extensive range of tip styles available for all applications
  • Available with quick lead-times

MPP manufactures a complete line of standard and custom ultrasonic wedge bonding tool tools to fit all applications, including fine pitch bonding down to 35 micron and for all types of wire bonding platforms.

MPP’s range of fine wire bond tools are suitable for up to 75 micron wire diameters and are selected or specially designed to meet customers’ specifications for bond length, shape, surface finish, front & back radius and other criteria affecting bond location, strength and looping.

Wedge bond tools for aluminium wire bonding are manufactured using tungsten carbide, whilst titanium carbide is used for producing gold wire bonding wedges. Specific tool designs, optimized for maximum bond quality are available for both manual and automatic wire bonders.

Wire bond tip designs include cross groove, notched, flat, concave, linear etc., with various polish options and side reliefs etc., to suit the most demand requirements. The range also includes standard 35, 38, 45 and 60 degrees tools, deep access wedges and v-notch or ribbon bond tool wedges for microwave and RF applications.

MPP delivers competitive top-of-the-class high-repeatability quality bonding wedges at competitive prices in short lead times. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

For information on bonding wedge tool foot dimensions that should be considered when specifying a tool type, please look at our Knowledge Based Fact Sheet here.

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