Si/Al Bonding Wire

Si/Al Bonding Wire Key Features

  • Fine aluminium bonding wire alloyed with 1% silicon
  • Diameters from 18µm (0.0007″) to 75µm (0.003″)
  • Microscopic checks of the alloy structure of the finished lots
  • Snag-free de-reeling

In order to ensure that uniform high quality bonds can be obtained at high production speeds, special controls are used in the manufacture of 1% silicon-aluminium wire.

At Coining, special attention is given to the most important characteristic of high grade bonding: homogeneity. Microscopic checks of the alloy structure of the finished lots of 1% silicon-aluminium wire are routinely performed.

Wire processing is carried out under conditions that yield the ultimate in surface cleanliness and smooth finish and permits entirely snag-free de-reeling.

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Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding, Material Interconnect, Heat Dissipation, Thermal Interface, Package Construction & Sealing, etc.

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