Gold Bonding Ribbon

Gold Ribbon Key Features

  • High-purity gold for high frequency and high bit rate applications
  • Custom-manufactured to exacting specifications
  • Very tight dimensional tolerances of ±3%
  • Less machine downtime due to tolerances

Coining produces gold ribbon for RF/microwave and high bit rate applications. These ribbons are typically custom-manufactured to exacting specifications, producing unparalleled uniformity of width and thereby minimising snagging in the bonding wedge, resulting in significant reductions of machine downtime.

The advantage of ribbon over round wire is the relatively large surface area in proportion to the cross-section area. The more extreme this relationship, the less effect that frequency has on the effective resistance of the material, resulting in greater efficiency of ribbon-bonded products. Since a majority of the free electrons are near the surface anyway, the resistance caused by the skin effect does not have such a drastic impact on the ribbon as it does on round wire.

In addition, signal crosstalk is significantly reduced in ribbon-bonded applications, leading to better signal quality in high frequency devices, and less electrical noise on the supply or ground contacts. This is because, while at lower frequencies the parasitic capacity of the wire-antenna may be neglected, in the GHz range wires really start to exchange signals, leading to increased interference.

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