Gold Bonding Wire

Gold Bonding Wire Key Features

  • 99.99% gold bonding wire
  • High-purity vacuum-processed from highly refined metals
  • Diameters from 12.5µm (0.0005″) up to 125µm (0.005″)
  • Uniform elongation and tensile strength across the complete spool
  • Manufacturing process controls ensure enhanced looping

Coining specialises in manufacturing high-purity (up to 99.99%) gold wire for ball bonding and wedge bonding processes. In-house casting, drawing, rolling, annealing, plus complete analytic capabilities, ensure a finished product that is completely homogeneous, with ultra-clean surfaces and a smooth finish.

Coining manufactures gold wire in a full range of diameters – 12.5µm (0.0005″) to 125µm (0.005″) – that meet customer requirements for strength and hardness / elongation in all applications.

The gold wire is high-purity vacuum-processed from highly refined metals.

By using strictly controlled doping processes, Coining has a long-standing reputation for providing custom wire properties for specialised applications using automatic wire bonders.

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Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding, Die Bonding, Material Interconnect, Heat Dissipation, Thermal Interface, Package Construction & Sealing, Attaching, Soldering etc.

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Semiconductor Production, Military & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Photonics Components, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, PCB Assembly Industries, Universities, Passive Component Manufacturing, Medical Devices


Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordic Region

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